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AMAZON #1 and Best New Release

Covid 19. It affects us all and it is everywhere. But what happens in business, life, communities and way of life once it is over. Back to normal? … unlikely…

Times that we grew up with may change forever, and it going to take a new style of leader to bring people together, to inspire them, encourage them and give them perspective. That leader is to be known as a ‘Conscious Leader’. Mike Handcock is a Conscious Leader.

In this seminal work, Mike Handcock covers three main streams of thought. The construct of energy and the quantum world and its effect on our lives, businesses and time. The role of Environment, physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. The new-look enterprise, encompassing AI, augmented reality, new styles of talent and much more. 

Profound, thought-provoking, impactful and right for the ten years between 2020 and 2030, ‘Conscious Leadership’ didn’t start this way, but because of the global crisis, it is now an indelible blueprint for the future of business, community and life.

In Conscious Leadership, Mike Handcock and Landi Jac have put forward the view, that to be conscious, one must be prepared to do the deep inner work within oneself. This formative work heads deep into human potential and new science, whilst supported by ancient wisdom, practical application and broadening the view by asking the questions most people never ask themselves, or their colleagues. Conscious Leadership is truly a blueprint for people who want to thrive in the mid 21st century.

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