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About Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock can be introduced in many different ways:



  1. One of only 31 speakers in over 55,000 globally to be recognised with the designation of Certified Speaking Professional Global

  2. Author of 14 books with 6 International Best Sellers and and 3 x Amazon #1 on business and personal development

  3. As a musician with 13 albums to his name Mike had a No#1 on iTunes in 2013

  4. On the board of three charities and social causes Mike was mentioned by President Clinton for his work alongside the SAGE Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative

  5. As the Chairman & Founder of The Circle of Excellence, along with his business partner Landi Jac, Mike has built five companies in Events, Business Intelligence Licensing, Investments, Experts Institute which operate regularly in over 20 countries

  6. Mike is one of a select few speakers who generate over $1M consistently from his craft

  7. Mike is the Producer & Director of the film Dreamcatchers (2010)

  8. Mike is the recipient of numerous awards including Speaker of the Year 2018,2017 & 2014 NSANZ, the 2011 Speaker of the Year (TIME & CEG), Inspirational Speaker of the Year twice and Business Person of the Year twice. he has also been nominated for three extraordinary life awards.  In 2020 he and Landi Jac won the Global Presidential Award for Speaking 

  9. Mike is the Publisher of Lead Magazine a magazine which promotes conscious leadership globally.

  10. He is the co founder of the Conscious Leadership Movement



Conscious Leadership Expert


Mike Handcock is one in 36 speakers out of over 55,000 globally to be awarded the Certified Speaking Professional Global Designation.


As New Zealand Speaker of the Year 2011,2014, 2017 and again in 2018 Mike is not unused to awards. His background is full of them. From speaking awards to three extraordinary lives nominations, and even a mention by President Bill Clinton for his philanthropic energies. Mike is not only the owner of five businesses in Media, Education, Licensing, Events and Investments. He is on the board of three charitable trusts. 


Mike has a deep sense of ancient wisdom having travelled to over 100 countries and studied with experts in the field of alternative archaeology and esoterics. He is the producer of the feature film ‘Dreamcatchers’ (2010). Previously a high level corporate senior manager with an annual budget of $250M, and someone who has personally done business in 50 countries with Business Leaders, Mike has a superior sense of culture, global issues, trends, business and undercurrents, which enables him to craft his books and talks full of relevant, current insights combined with superior divine storytelling.



Mike lives in Auckland New Zealand, Cape Town South Africa and Corfu Greece with the love of his life Landi Jac and their dog Simon the Scottish lord. He enjoys travel, new cultures, food, a variety of sports and good friends.




Mike Handcock is one of just 36 people globally out of 55,000 speakers to have the achievement of being a Global Speaking Fellow.


Four times Speaker of the Year, the Author of 14 Books, Owner of 5 Multi-National Businesses, Flim Maker, Publisher and Musician, Mike has been mentioned for his Philanthropic work by President Bill Clinton.


Known for his innovative thinking, use of quantum physics and ancient wisdom in his talks Mike brings a flavour of unique knowledge to the stage.


Put your hands together and prepare to be 'rocked' by Mike Handcock.


Watch Mike in Action

Mike's 5 Min Singapore Speech
Mike's on Leadership to Legacy 10 Mins
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