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Amazon #2 Best Seller 2016
Mike's First Novel
Book 1 of the David Clark Series
(Book 2 Out December 2020)

David Clark and his business partner Rocko Rizotto have uncovered the biggest question is history:
Did Jesus have a child?

Led by the mysterious Hooked X clues left by the Templar Knights in Cambodia and the USA, the team meet up with the stunning Abbey Bec in Cape Town and pursue the answer to its roots in Crete. But the 13 families that rule the modern world have other ideas. Clark, Rizottoand Bec may have bitten off more than they can chew - leading to a climax that tips history on its head and turns up something even Clark never believed possible.

Based on actual records of the Templars, Hopi Indians and Minoans, with other historical data and alternative archaeology, Thruthseekers is a thriller with soul that will have you wondering what is real and what have been lies you may have lived by.

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