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Further 30 Testimonials on LINKED IN

“I suppose out of any one that I have met in the past five years you have broken through to my soul and made me ask questions of myself.


I believe that it is the mark of a great speaker. As in the words of President Clinton:

‘The measure of the impact of your words is not the beauty or the emotion of the moment but in the way you change not only the way people think but the way they feel’ 


It is the way people feel after listening to what you have said. Not necessarily how you say it or the stories that go with it. It’s the nuts and bolts and washers of what is being said and how relevant it is to the person receiving the information.  You have made it an art form with great skill.


I guess the mark of ones success is the numbers of people that wish and want to emulate what and how you present.


If I could have your skills and artistry and presenting then my journey will only be fortified.”


JOHN BARLEY - Barley Insurances (NZ) 3 February 2017

"The first time I saw you speak was at the Sandton Convention Centre, with Landi Jac and Dr Hannes Dreyer and I was amazed with your talents and the level of comfort and energy you brought to the stage.


I said to myself this is going to Rock my life and it did. I read your books and decided that I will be on stagejust like Mike, thanks for the inspiration.”

HAUPT FELDTMANN - Consultant - South Africa 2017

"Mike has this natural ability to just shine on and off stage whenever he speaks. The energy he exudes, coupled with the knowledge he has, allows him to always give a good speech andtell great stories.


People I've known that has attend his course are always entertained, gained clarity in his words and most of all becomes a mentor to everyone he meets. Simply extraordinary.”

WILLIAM LEE - Ace Adventures - Malaysia 2017

Over 100 other testimonials can be supplied if required

“MIke is the kind of speaker who will bring you into a journey where he is connecting the sacred knowledge with the today ultimate trends. Each time you will listen to him, you will understand how things can work out for you. His clarity and simplicity, charm and humor will give even more

value to his speech.


He is indeed and extraordinary speaker for all generations.”


ERIC LASSARD (Age 13) - The worlds youngestprofessional speaker - Ireland (2017)

“As a promoter I loved having Mike Handcock on my stage, he connected with the audience, varied his presentations to suit audience interest and presented very informative subjects in acreatively entertaining manner.


I could listen to Mikespresentations over and over and always learn something new”

XENIA IOANNU - Alexis Properties - Australia 2017

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