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Film Maker

Mike produced his first two documentaries on Cambodia and Egypt in 2008 and 2009.

You can see the Cambodia Documentary here: CAMBODIA

In 2010 Mike produced and directed Dreamcatchers a documentary about ordinary people living extraordinary lives.

Since 2012 Mike has been working on a major motion picture project - ARJUNA - which is in conjunction with Bollywood and Award Winning Producer Helena Spring.

There is also a future documentary - HARMONY - in pre production.

Trailer for Dreamcatchers 2010

ARJUNA - The Movie

Arjuna - the reluctant hero. Arjuna faces his greatest issue. He and his four brothers have lost their kingdom and lands to Lord Duryodhan and his dreaded Kauravas. They must also fight for the honour of their bride, the stunning Draupadi, who was disgraced by Duryodhan. Arjuna wishes he did not have to fight as the opposition are full of his mentors, school friends, relatives and those he loves. 
Depleted he asks his mentor Krishna, his chariot driver what he must do and Krishna takes him on a soul journey that has him face god and his purpose on the planet head on. This film will change lives and inspire people all over the world. That is why we are making it.
IMDB Link for Dreamcatchers 2010
Explanation of ARJUNA
You can check out Mike on IMDB and see what he is up to:
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