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Amazon #1 Best Seller

What is one of the top 3 reasons Entrepreneurs fail?
A: Because they focus on getting all the wrong things right!

Entrepreneur is a French word, meaning manager and taker of risk. It’s risky by nature, but even though over 60% of startups don’t make it to year two, some people blossom, shine and create prosperity, freedom with purpose for themselves. These people have Entrepreneur ‘X’ Factor.

In this second edition, we bring a host of relevant ‘third-decade’ intelligence for the reader. Contributors from everywhere from Romania to Remuera (a suburb of Auckland) give you, the rider, pearls of absolute wisdom and genius in one of the very specialist areas such as brand, team building, partnerships, acquisition and much more. Threaded together by Mike Handcock and Landi Jac, two award-winning entrepreneurs with business in over fifty countries, Entrepreneur X Factor is designed to get you to the next level; to open your mind to what is possible, provoke your perception of reality and to inspire you to also be of substance, build something that is memorable and of course profitable as well.

The first Entrepreneur ‘X’ Factor book was an international bestseller and in this second edition, we look in more depth at the topical issues of the mid 21st century. Every reader will get a golden idea or strategy they can implement from this book.

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